Biblically Sound: Embracing Doctrine for Life



Biblically Correct: Engaging Culture with Truth



Articles, Papers, and Reviews

The Forgotten Virtue of Friendship: Thomistic Friendship and Contemporary Christian Ethics

Prof: Jesus’ redemptive power can change homosexuals

Exchanging the Natural for the Unnatural: Homosexuality’s Distortion of God’s Design

Review of The Bible and Race

Review of A Matter of Conviction: A History of Southern Baptist Engagement with the Culture

Review of First Freedom: The Baptist Perspective on Religious Liberty

Families described as ‘ordained by God’

FIRST-PERSON: Reflections of a Bellevue baby

Greek manuscript reproduction acquired by Southeastern library


Friend of God (John 15:12-17)

Suppressing the Truth in Unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-32)

Will You Serve God? (Joshua 24:14-24)

Audio/Video Resources

Religious Liberty as the Foundation for Pro-Life and Pro-Family Policies

Radical Reformation and Religious Liberty

Homosexuality and the Church, interview with John Mark Caton.

Confused by the New America?

Gay Christian Agenda Exposed (Radio Interview)

The Challenge of Homosexuality for Gender Roles

The Grindstone – Biblical Manhood: A Discussion

A Loving God and an Evil World

The Crisis of Divorce

Exchanging the Natural for the Unnatural: Homosexuality’s Distortion of God’s Design


Community in ethics: A comparative analysis of the work of Thomas Aquinas and Stanley J. Grenz

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southwestern Seminary

The Riley Center at Southwestern

Conferences at Southwestern

Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention

Baptist Press

International Mission Board

North American Mission Board

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

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