Public Education and the Homosexual Agenda

This past week, a few different news outlets reported about a highly unusual anti-bullying program at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, NY.  According to Todd Starnes, “Young girls at a New York middle school were instructed to ask one another for a lesbian kiss and boys were given guidance on how to tell if women are sluts during an anti-bullying presentation on gender identity and sexual orientation, angry parents allege.”

How does an anti-bullying program lead to role-playing homosexual behavior? According to Paul Hooks, superintendent of the Red Hook Central School District, the program addressed “improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions.” Specifically, the presentation was intended to draw attention to discrimination against homosexual students.

The scary part of it all is that parents were not informed in advance about the homosexual role-playing and were not given the opportunity to opt the children out of participation.

While bullying is certainly not acceptable in any context, the role-playing forced upon the students creates a bullying of a different type. For those students who had convictions against homosexual behavior, their convictions were implicitly labeled as bullying. Thus, students were bullied into believing their personal, faith-based convictions were discriminatory.  By contrast, the homosexual agenda in the program was to normalize homosexual behavior.

The quest to normalize homosexual behavior is alive and well in the public school system, and this is just the latest example.


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