Guest Post: And God Created… New Year’s Lessons from Genesis 1-3

bible-cover-pageThis is a guest post from my wife, Melanie. She originally wrote this post for Biblical Woman, the blog site for the Women’s Programs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The post originally appeared here.

One of my goals this year is to read the Bible from beginning to end in 2015. Maybe you have that same goal. Whether or not, I do pray that one of your goals is to fall in love with God’s Word more than you have before, for there is nothing more satisfying and life changing than reading Scripture. On New Year’s Day, as I started the year reading those familiar chapters, I began to think about the potential for 2015. I love the New Year, for it is like a beautiful blank calendar waiting to be filled or a brand new book waiting to be opened and enjoyed. The “newness” of the beginning of Genesis correlates perfectly with the “newness” of a new year.

As I began to read, I took special notice of God’s actions as he created, knowing that every day of 2015 will be filled with those same promises.

  1. God is the author of my days, weeks, and year. I can see throughout Genesis 1 how God creates out of nothingness. He simply says, “Let there be…” and it was. He was the creator of light, the sky, the birds that fill that sky and the food to feed those birds that fill that sky. Also, at the end of every stage, God declared that His creation was good. The new year is a vast expanse before us that God will fill with His purposes. He is the author of each of my days. I can plan, as men do, but God is the ultimate creator of all things including the happenings of my day. He will speak into my life and say, “Let there be this time of blessing or this day of trial. Let there be this sickness or this change of plans.” But no matter what happens, He will also say, “it is good”, because He is good and everything he creates is good (Ps 199:68). I can trust in this principle when I feel like life is slipping out of control or when I can’t see the sense of a situation. I can look to the heavens and see that the same God who created those skies, creates my days.
  2. God has a plan for everything He creates. Everything God created in that first week had a purpose. Whether to provide light or darkness or nourishment or a balance to days and seasons, everything had a reason for God to bring it into being. At the pinnacle of it all, when God created man, his purpose was to fill the earth and rule over it. Man was created, in God’s own precious image, for a specific reason. You will find no room for happenstance within Scripture. There are no accidents or coincidences. I find rest and peace that my God is a God of purpose and, no matter what happens this year, He has a plan for my good and His glory.
  3. God will provide in every way. Sometimes when the vastness of time is before me, I find myself not only uncertain of what the days will bring, but also wondering if I have what it takes to make it through. Will I have enough money? Resources? Wisdom? Courage? However, God intends for me to look at the future with hope and promise, not fear and trepidation. As God created the world, He provided for everything. He made sure the details were taken care of for every living thing to be able to survive and thrive. The days were the perfect length. The animals were satisfied and looked after and had a place to live and roam. Once man was created, God provided a helper suitable just for him and gave them both jobs to live and work and fulfill their purpose. Because God did those things and an innumerable amount more, I can have total faith that He will also provide for me in everything that comes my way. In the joys, He will provide, and in the trials, He will provide.
  4. Sin will be available, but I have a choice. Unfortunately, life did not stay perfect for long in Genesis. We read in the third chapter, Adam and Eve chose to listen to their own reason and the reasoning of Satan himself and disobey God’s instructions for them. Despite all the things I have mentioned before, God’s perfect plans and provisions, Eve still chose to turn away from God and listen to the lies of Satan. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I know this year I will have the opportunities to do the same thing. Day by day, I can choose my own fleshly path or I can choose to follow fervently after God’s direction for my life. Just like in the garden, sin will always be available. However, I can also learn from Genesis that I have a choice.
  5. God’s redemption is perfect. Finally and most wonderfully, we can learn from Genesis 1-3 that God’s redemption is perfect. Even when Adam and Eve sinned, God completely covered them and clothed them. God pronounced judgment on them, but at the end, described how sin will ultimately be defeated through Eve’s offspring. I pray this year I will make great decisions for God’s glory. However, the chances are good that I will make mistakes as well. Either way, my desire is for God’s redemption to speak so loudly through my life that those around me will see His grace and mercy at work.

As I look into 2015, my goals are set and my plans are made. However, in reading through Genesis 1-3, I am reminded that a wonderful God is ultimately in control. And based on those three chapters, I can trust him, have faith in Him, and rejoice in Him for he is my Author, my Provider, and my Redeemer this year and every year ahead of me.