Good Reading: So I Can Minister to Them

wedding ringsWaylan Owens, my friend and colleague at SWBTS, has written a very pertinent post regarding the role of pastors in officiating wedding ceremonies in light of the current same-sex marriage debate. With years of experience as a pastor and seminary professor, Dr. Owens’ words hit the nail on the head. Here is an excerpt:

This is an open post to pastors and to all ordained ministers who hold firmly to the Scriptures.

The time of testing is here. However the Supreme Court rules on the matter, marriage between two men or between two women is here to stay. Legislators have found little strength to fight this movement, and it will not go away. So, pastors, now is the time to be sure you are prepared.

Do not be fooled. As homosexual marriage is legalized, pastors will have to come face to face with reality and answer this question: If I have married people without requiring biblical standards, based upon the fact that I could minister to them, how can I not do the same for homosexual couples? I believe that many will begin to answer the question with the same old answer: I do it so that I can minister. This will happen first in liberal churches and in churches in which significant members have children who have declared as homosexuals. But I fear it will spread. And as it spreads, pastor, if you try to draw the line at homosexuals, you will be attacked as homophobic and worse, especially if you are not applying a consistent biblical standard.

It is worth your time to read the entire post here.